Tittle              : Dynamic Frame
Status            : Competition Entry
Site Location : Øya Music Festival

Link to view : http://120hours.no/theentries/dinamic-frame/

Dynamic Frame, as the proposal project, is functioned to form, connect, gather, and emphasize the urban landmark.  The frame has 4 kinds of different shapes that depends on point of view to create a dancing movement following the rhythm of Øya Music Festival. The dancing movement then grows up from the earth and connects the two secondary streets. The building is located in the middle of the site around the statue in order to collect meeting point. The building’s floor is put higher to reach surrounding view and to create public space below it. This building is also functioned to gather local communities so that it is completed with community facilities, such as sitting areas, shelters, vertical garden, tourist destination, a beacon, and also a living art installation.
This project combines soft scape and hardscape to create a different experience from every part. The visitor will feel enjoy, relax, surprised, happy, terrified, cramped, spacious, when they are exploring the building. This building can provide four stages in the same time when the Øya Music Festival happened, and not solely torn down after the festival accomplished. It can be used to sustain gathering of local communities by participative process.

The structure is made of steel reinforced concrete. On the top of it, there is an overhang which can be seen from outside. This diagonal steel braced can be combined with vertical garden to reinforce natural impression and green ventilation. The module is a prefabricated form, considered the gravity loads and also supported by vertical elements. The building is massive but still light with void exploration, angle, and dimension.