A+A Studio 
A+A is an architecture and urban design studio focused on sustainability and innovative design for east Asia. Our objective is to promote and discuss the ideas and sharing board design. 
About the Author
Ardhyasa Fabrian Gusma ST. Msc

The author graduate from Architecture of Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia. Then afterwards continue their studies with focus on master of urban design in Gadjah Mada University. Now the authors focus on skill development and research program.

2017     Sayembara Masterplan Masjid Agung Banjarbaru, 3rd winner
2016     Sayembara Masterplan Masjid Agung At Taqwa Bengkulu, 1 st winner
2016     Sayembara Masterplan Universitas Jabal Gafur, Aceh, 1 st winner
2016     Sayembara Masterplan Kota Sigli, Aceh, 2nd  winner
2016     Sayembara Taman Brumbungan, Semarang, 3rd  winner
2016     Sayembara Gedung DPRD Kalimantan Utara, 2nd winner
2016     Futurarc Prize 2016, International, 3 rd winner
2015       Sayembara Perencanaan Cibinong Frontcity, IAI, 3 rd winner
2015     Sayembara Gedung Asean Secretariat, Jakarta, IAI, top 5
2015       Sayembara Desain Fasilitas Pejalan Kaki, IAI, 2nd winner
2015       Futurarc Prize 2015, International, 2 nd winner
2014       Kumamoto Artpolis Architecture Competition, 2nd winner
2014       Kawasan Wisata Terpadu Gunung Padang, 2nd winner
2014       Penataan Ruang Jalan Kawasan Malioboro, 1 st winner
2014       Penataan ruang jalan Hutan Babakan Siliwangi Bandung, IAI, IALI, 1 st winner
2014       Penataan Kawasan Taman Tegalega Bandung, IAI, IALI, 3 rd winner
2014       Penataan Taman Monjari Solo, 2 nd winner
2013       Futurarc Prize 2013, International, 1 st winner
2011       Sayembara Penataan Alun Alun Kidul Yogyakarta, 1 st winner

Partner / Contributor

Public Speaker
We are very pleased to share our knowledge. One of program A + A studio is sharing classes and workshops. We try to make changes to the educational of our experiences and capabilities.

Cooperation Program
We are very pleased to receive the co-operation in the form of social projects and the development of public space. The internship program for students and professionals will be opened in November 2018. If you want to cooperate, please contact us at aa.studio.indonesia@gmail.com

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